2K24-King of the reed

2K24-Old Head invitational

2K16-Winner Takes All Tournament

2K18-Holiday Classic

2K18-King of the Reed

2K19-Turkey Shootout 1

2K20-Holiday Classic 4

2K20-Last Shot

2K20-Spring Showdown

2K20-King of The reed

2K21-Turkey Shootout p5

2K21-The Countdown p5

2K21-Last Shot p5

2K21-I’m Dat Mama Mother’s Day Event

2K22-$15K Fall Series TOurnament

2K22-Last Shot p5

2K22-Knockout series p5

2K22-Mother's day Tournament

2K22-King of the reed

2K23-Summer Classic

2K18-King of the reed xb1

2K19-Turkey Shootout xb1

2K20-Holiday Classic 4 xb1

2K20-Spring Showdown xb1